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T-SQL Tips

T-SQL Level 1, The Basics

The basic starting point for learning how to program in SQL/T-SQL.

This article will introduce you to the fundamentals of T-SQL by teaching you how to create and work with simple tables. It includes the use of the "SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE" statements, the building blocks for any Database Administrator (DBA).

The Insert Command

Understanding the basic INSERT command in T-SQL.

There are multiple ways of inserting data into a database, in this article I will cover all the basic or commonly used methods for every DBA.

Data Types

Although this is a critical point in your studies as a DBA, I have to admit, it's also one of the most boring.

With that said, you really must learn this section before you can move on. Data types are the building blocks that you can not function without as a DBA.

Creating Views

Going beyond table creation and producing Views for customers to reference.

Here, you will learn the importance of creating Views to help protect the integrity of your underlying tables and their data.

All About Keys

Everything you wanted to know about keys in SQL Server, but was afraid to ask.

In this article, I will attempt to explain as much as I can about keys without getting too boring or technical. There are actually seven types of keys in SQL Server. Knowing how to utilize them in an effective manor will boost your database query optimization and performance.