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C# Tips

Breakdown of a Basic C# Program

Understanding the fundamentals of how a C# program is structured.

This article starts with the simple, yet famous, "Hello World!" program and breaks down the components to explain what each section of the code does and what it represents.

Classes Simplified

Running 2 or more Classes by creating and calling them.

In this article we discuss how to create additional Classes and reference them from the primary Class. I know it sounds complicated, but it really is not.

Copying Files With C#

How to write a simple "file copy" program in C#.

Still working in basic steps, this article shows the step by step method of creating a basic "file copy" program to copy files from one folder to another.

Copy a Directory (Folder)

Much like the "File Copy" article, this one takes it up one level to copy an entire folder and its content.

Clone a directory and it’s contents while keeping the same folder/file hierarchy. This will also work as an “incremental” backup of a folder.

List All Files in a Folder

List all files in a directory and is sub-folders.

This article will lay out a simple but effective code sample to create a list of all files in a folder and all its sub-folders. You will be able list the full folder path, file creation and modification time stamp and more.