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Aubrey Love: A Working Writer

About Aubrey Love

As a Business Intelligence Specialist:
Aubrey W Love aka Pail Writer, Designs, builds and maintains databases then develops front-end websites for easy access to that data. Translate business requirements into specifications that will be used to drive data stores, data warehouses, data mart design and configuration.

As a Web Developer:
Aubrey has developed and deployed one of the best busines locations page in the United States via Google Maps API for a bank client. Even the Google Development Team has offered to post some of his articles for Google Maps API training. Aubrey has designed and deployed several full-stack websites for various companies and some pro-bono work for local museums.

As an Author:
Most of Aubrey’s aka Pail Writer's work cannot be found in your local bookstore, yet, but he is working to change that in the near future. Primarily, in the past and current times, Pail Writer has been writing blog articles, instructional sheets, white papers, and other technical documentation as needed by clients. Currently, Pail Writer writes articles for MSSQLTIPS (part time) and is in negotiations with SQL SERVER CENTRAL to start writing articles for them.

Pail Writer is currently working on some fiction and nonfiction books. Starting off with a very controversial story of kids who are born simply to supply “spare parts” for their older siblings. This is certainly not science fiction as some would believe, it was a fact, a way of life for thousands of kids born in an era between the 1940s and the 1960s.

Later, Pail Writer is posed to publish a new release titled “How To Buy A House On Your Lunch Break”. It’s a comical but serious approach to buying your first home and the pitfalls and scams to watch out for.

Some time in the future, Pail Writer expects to reveal his greatest work to date, “The Body Breathers”, a sci-fi novel trilogy that will keep you turning page after page in both disbelief and horror. Good luck putting that one down.

So… Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the variety of articles and books.

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